iPhone 5 App Development

Apple launched iPhone 5 with more than 200 new features that made everything easier and faster. Some of the iOS5 features that go further are:

  • iCloud Storage
  • Notification Center
  • Newsstand
  • Twitter Integration
  • iMessage
  • Storyboards
  • Core Image
  • Game Center
  • OpenGL ES
  • Location simulation

There are more iOS 5 application frameworks which have gone through lots of improvement and bug fixes across several development frameworks like UIKit, Message UI, OpenAL, Media Player, Map Kit, Game Kit, Event Kit, Core Foundation (Motion, Graphics, Location & Data) Address Book and Security. This has brought new opportunities in front of business owners like you and developers like My Mobile Innovations.

Benefits of iPhone 5 app:

  • Opportunity to access information easily
  • Promote business
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Increase profits

Opportunity to access information easily
Public have opportunity to access information easily from anywhere as they have access to the internet with iPhone 5, that is why; your app, whether native app or web-app or hybrid app, can take advantage of this feature of iPhone 5.

Promote business
iPhone application is a product that can be used to promote business or it can be sold as a consumer product.

Cost effective
iPhone is cost effective marketing tool.

Easy to use
are very easy to use and can be quite enjoyable

Increase profits
iPhone apps can present companies with new ways to increase profits with additions to their current products.

That is why; even you should get your iPhone 5 app developed by My Mobile Innovations, a cost-effective mobile app developer , and exploit the cost-effectiveness of iPhone 5 and present your clients with an easy to afford useful app.

My Mobile Innovations offers advanced iPhone application development services, which includes the following areas: