My Health Manager

Nowadays, almost every business sector is facing a tough competition in its respective field. The increasing working costs and decreasing profit margins is another subject of headache for businesses. Following which, every business owner, and even a small-scale employee are facing extreme pressure in their day-to-day work and other business processes. Almost every individual working today is busy framing new strategies, which can contribute in its individual and company’s overall growth. As a result, they overlook their individual health and get affected by various medical problems. Hence, it becomes an essential task for them to monitor their health report on a regular basis. My Mobile Innovations, a renowned name in the mobile application development industry has found an efficient solution for this. Health Manager is an advanced Health & Fitness iPhone application that serves as an ‘all-in-one’ health record book for you. Using this iPhone application, you can add or view your health records with all crucial health data/information for any specific period of time. And if you want this mobile app to remind you for adding latest data, you can use the ‘Remind Me’ feature, which would notify you via a pushed notification and a ring on a pre-defined date and time. This iPhone application is built upon Apple’s latest & innovative HealthKit, enabling you to view your health record and database stored in Apple’s official Health App. Under ‘My Profile’ section, you can maintain all your essential info like your address, contact number, blood group and emergency contacts. Health Manager can store various medical records, which includes-