Chasing Frenzy

MetaOption, LLC is out now with its dazzling brand new gaming app – Chasing Frenzy. It is exclusively designed for Apple devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It has been approved by Apple and is live on iTunes. You can download it for free on your device from iTunes. It is an addictive game with a tinge of challenge and excitement that will keep you hooked to it. You will play this game as a small little fish ‘Frenzy’ that lives in an endless ocean full of uncertainties. Frenzy needs to swim through the vast streams of water for saving its life. In the course of swimming it faces opportunities in the form of sushi that it will eat for strength and starfishes that it collects for later benefits. Challenges and danger come in the form of stones, rays and many other harmful creatures that, if not avoided, sucks its strength & turn it boney and end its life. Meanwhile you have the option to unlock the precious hidden treasures of the ocean, buy power-ups by exchanging the starfishes you collected and many other benefits that you will be offered as the game progresses.