Google Map

Using the Google Map application, you will able to create your own custom maps, with unlimited landmarks. It is just a cool way to give directions to reach a specific destination. You will also be able to highlight ranges and paths on the map. Just add a circle to a marker to display all the locations within a given a range from a marker. Press and link the destinations using two fingers to create a path. You could also add some color, a title, and distance details as optional labels. You will also be able to mail an embedded link to this custom map or each marker to Google. Note that you will not require a Google account to use this feature. However, if you do have a Google Fusion Tables account, you will be able export custom maps along with the markers, paths and ranges to this account for further processing and editing. You will also be able to share your maps from here. You could also play around with the display modes, trying to render/view the map in a Satellite image or Classic mode. A 'Hybrid' Satellite image mode, with markers, is also available. In addition to allowing you to save a snapshot of the map (including markers) to a photo album, the application also offers fast navigation options. You can simply browse though the marker list and jump to any marker on your map with just a tap.