Security Pro

Security Pro is a multi-utility application with 10 main functionalities as Pocket security (With Password & Alarm Function), Table top security (With Password & Alarm Function), Currency converter, Hooter, Torch with intensity slider (front and back) (Uses the camera device backlight), SOS light (Uses the camera device backlight), Balancer, Compass, Light effects and Color picker with RGB slider. The application is a one-stop point for all the phone’s security needs with the hooter, table top security and pocket security. These can be used to activate and alarm within the iPhone, so that if an intruder were to lay his/her hand on the device, the alarm will go off. The hooter and SOS light can be used to attract attention of passers-by in emergencies. The torch function is a one-touch function and the brightness intensity is controlled by the user by using the intensity slider. The balancer can be used to measure evenness of the surface and the compass to view direction. Apart from these there are the color picker and currency converter which are handy apps when out shopping.