Find The Hidden Number

Find The Hidden Number is an amazing and addictive puzzle game, which has the capability to engage the player for long hours. The player has to find the numbers, hidden in the vibrant graphics of the game play screen. As soon as you find them all, you can move on to the next level, which packs fresh theme and new challenges. With every new level, the game becomes more difficult and more interesting. At the top, the player will find an informative panel, which lets him/her know about the current level, remaining time and the numbers which are to be found. The player can pause the game progress or stop the sound effects from this panel as well. For the convenience, a Hint tab is added to the top panel, which highlights any one hidden number. Find The Hidden Number is a great way to check your mind’s focus. As this is a time bound game, you necessitate to be quick in coordinating with your eyes, mind and fingers.