This is an interactive game book which has 35 pages of fun and educational activities for children. A full story, along with multi-level games and an animated video are included in this feature-rich app. In the Read mode each word is highlighted so a child can follow along. You can also tap a word and hear its pronunciation, enhancing the learning opportunities for young readers. Images throughout the story can be taped to initiate games and activities, or to hear the pigs and wolf speak. eBook is a classic tale re-adapted to take full advantage of today’s technology. This app has option where you can personalize the title page with a picture from your own photo library or customize the reading of the book in the voice of family members and there could be up to 3 different narrators. The notebook feature of this app enables you to save and email a coloring page and/or construction art. It also includes an original “Between the Lions” video episode. We have created this app by utilizing the full capacity of tablet technology; the “Blow the House Down” game includes the tilting and blowing features to ultimately blow the house down! Three levels have been provided to complete this game.