Bidnez application has been developed to test the ability of all the professional automobile buyers. It main challenge for the bidder is to place bid conducts the tests by offering the buyer to predict the price of vehicles at whole sale auction. The main challenge for the professional bidders lies in making the final bid on each vehicle as close as possible to the actual auction’s closing bid for each vehicle. The difference between the contestant’s price guesses and the actual prices at which the car is sold, are averaged to determine the contestants' scores. Bidder or contestant with the lowest score wins. After the real auction closes, the contest bids will be compared to the closing bids for those vehicles to determine the points (in dollars). The lowest cumulative point difference will win. The player should make sure to attempt the bid on every car as skipping any car will increases the point difference. The sponsor will announce the winner and contestant can view his/her scorecard using his/her account.