iPad Business Application Development

iPad has been the biggest explosion in the software sector. The arrival of Apple’s iPad, after iPhone, has simply provided a boost to the entire software application development industry. Today iPad dictates an entire industry to cater to the needs of iPad users. iPad has improved the life of business owners especially, as they need not carry heavy and large laptops or light weight but not much efficient Smartphones. Instead they could carry smart and elegant iPad and use it for all business purposes.

iPad benefits for Business personals:

  • Tablet computer functionality
  • Supports e-book reader
  • Browsing the Internet, load and stream media, and install software
  • Glossy 1024×768 pixels of liquid crystal display for improved presentation capabilities
  • Multiple screen orientation
  • Improves business productivity
  • Rich multimedia user experience with increased number of pixels
  • Awesome battery life of 11 hrs
  • Multi-touch display
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Connects with useful accessories that enhances tablet experience
  • Clean, full featured designs customized for the iPad
  • HTML/CSS/ W3C standards
  • Loads pages faster
  • Maximum usability and accessibility
  • Flash player support

iPad Business Application Development Technology

Our professional iPad app developers are proficient in iPad application development in various categories using iPad technologies that include:

  • iPad SDK
  • Location Based Services & Multimedia
  • Accelerometer
  • Multi-touch event support
  • GPS integration
  • XCode IDE
  • iPhone OS
  • Integrating web services, Soap, XML
  • SQLite, Java, HTTP
  • Interface Builder
  • Mac OS X
  • Cocoa Touch framework