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Case Study of Forestfun | Download | View
Publish Date : 25 Oct 2012
My Mobile Innovations, LLC took head start off in iPhone Game Development. Versatile Game developers of My Mobile Innovations, LLC have proven their mettle by developing functional, engaging and enthralling games.
Case Study of Lederne | Download | View
Publish Date : 15 Aug 2012
Lederne is the Norwegian organization for management, engineering and expertise development, formed in 1910. The members have management responsibilities, knowledge and experience. Lederne is also an organization for engineers and technical staff with a high degree of responsibility in their work.
Case Study Manage Your Calls | Download | View
Publish Date : 13 Aug 2012
The most innovative and user-friendly call handling application “Manage Your Calls” by My Mobile Innovations, LLC was launched on 21st Feb, 2012. Since then, we have received so many encouraging advices and feedback that we are obliged to provide our loyal users with much more benefits and offers in the app.
Case Study of GOIS Standalone | Download | View
Publish Date : 10 Jun 2014
Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS) is a mobile application for individuals and small businesses to manage and track their Orders, Inventory, and Sales and with lot of reporting capabilities. Features like report, sales tracking with/without inventory, and simple user interface provides the user to manage and track all the business data at any time & anywhere easily. Features like system units/ metrics and custom units and metric gives flexibility to users to use this application in different regions of the world. You may track exactly how much inventory came in, how much is On hand and how much goes out. You can also manipulate the profit and loss based on inventory details.
Case Study of QrBarAndroid | Download | View
Publish Date : 10 Jun 2014
The project is being developed with the concept to help the bars (enrolled with the app) create and allow user to make online orders, get them processed and make payments either through PayPal or credit cards or in cash. The application can help user to find their bar?s location, scan QR Codes to get their own location at a particular bar and get the menu of that particular bar. User can see a detail of the item they want to order, along with its image. User can further place an order and can pay either online or in cash as per his convenience. Thus it can help user not to wait for an attendant at the bar to place an order. All he will have to do is -scan the code in the vicinity, see the menu that can be served at the bar and get his desired orders placed.
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