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A Comprehensive Guide for launching successful mobile app marketing campaigns

A Comprehensive Guide for launching successful mobile app marketing campaigns

Posted by: Susheel Bansilal on July 1, 2015

With the growth in technology and communication, the arena of mobile apps is flooded with products from companies and marketers that are pushed to various operating systems like iOS, Android or Windows. There are various aspects of marketing that need to be followed routinely; this includes a great plan along with proper stages of pre-launch and post-launch steps. 

Pre-launch checklist

A mobile app is an important part of a company as it will have all the features that will distinguish itself from the rest of the apps. Therefore, proper planning and discussion should be made before launching it into the app market. Few points that need to be looked into before introduction of an app are:

a.    A unique identification

An app should have a short name that can be recalled and called with ease. No complex jargons are needed in this aspect. Check for similarity in names with already available apps and companies before christening one.

b.    A unique outlook

Design to impress, make a unique statement that will catch the eye of a user. Make a bold statement with the company logo

c.    Hitting the spot

Finding the app from among thousands of other apps needs a targeted search and that can be achieved by assigning keywords. Therefore, think of the main keywords that will be associated with the name of the app and the company itself.

d.    Peek into other apps

Getting the strength and weakness of other apps of competitors can greatly enhance your own app popularity. Find the things that make an app popular and things that make it the opposite and incorporate or make changes so that you have a well-designed app.


Post-launch checklist

An app is meant to be downloaded and used, so make it work by promoting the app. Few points listed below can help in making your app popular.

a. Install a tracking code

If an assessment of installations and popularity is to be done easily a tracking method of installations and uninstallations should be fitted into the app. This will enable an easy realization of a number of users and the acceptance of the app.

b. Quick sharing features

Word of mouth and a thumb impression would make your app famous. So, have an option that allows the user to share views and experiences of the app. This will pull up the app from the list of many to the top rung. Invest a little on the option of getting reviews as in the long run it will be a rewarding choice. Some may even drop few lines of satisfaction that can be read by thousands before actually download it to their devices.

c. Allow users to post reviews

A positive review will enhance the trust of the app therefore it is wise to encourage users to rate and post reviews as well as feedbacks. This will also create an idea of improving the app.

d. Promotion of social media platforms

Social networking sites are a great place to share and promote your company and app. Make a landing there and popularize your app by reigning in more prospects as the news is shared and re-shared by the click of a button.

e. Easy location of app on the website


Bring the users to your app when they visit your company website. A proper link can be set up in the company website that will have every detail of the app and links to getting the download from app stores. Special offers from using the app can also be made that will encourage the use of it from mobile phones. These steps will popularize the application and will generate good returns in the long run.


Author :

Susheel Bansilal

MetaOption, LLC

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