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Why Business needs an iPhone App?

Why Business needs an iPhone App?

Posted by: MetaOption on August 13, 2014

Apple iPhone, a classy and a popular smartphone, is not only famous amongst common masses but also between business tycoons. An iPhone, because of its multipurpose features, rules the business world effectively. An iPhone can also benefit the business productivity. Gone are the days, when business operations were limited to desktop only. With the edge cutting development, most of the companies are now looking for more handy resources.

Thus, an Apple iPhone clearly gets an edge over the laptops and desktops. According to a recent survey, it has been found that around eighty percent of youngsters own a smartphone and are spending a good quality time on it. The total Mobile App revenue is expected to surpass $70 billion by 2017 in comparison to $26 billion achieved during 2013-14. This shows how aggressively the market is developing on a mobile platform.

So, to harness the full potential of business, it is very important to catch the speed of youngsters. Mobile applications are helping business personnel to stay connected with their customers and management of most of the activities. They are able to provide services effectively to their customers and that too at a click of button. Certain features like reminders and location based alerts have created iPhone the favorite of business personnel. Also, mobile technologies help in assessing the important data even from remote locations. This helps in better management as well as better productivity for the company.

Mobile application technology adds another important dimension into the marketing. A company can advertise their products with the help of Apps and that too at distant locations. This effective marketing strategy is also cost effective. The company has to spend a very small fraction of their budget on mobile app marketing, which in turn helps in larger profitable business. Also, some applications, even track the company’s email marketing.  It displays the number of users who clicked on the assigned email, thus helping the company to analyze the information and design a future email marketing campaign.

Some applications help in enhancing the business productivity. Now with the help of these apps, one can easily access multiple emails at a time, and all these emails can be assessed within a single screen.

Now here comes the scope of apps which can help business personnel to maintain cordial relations with their clients. Customer related feedback can be assessed on a real time basis. This in turn helps the company to better serve their clients. Many apps are available in the market, which helps in monitoring different social media sites. Thus, these apps help in extending support to the customer relationship management (CRM) as well.

From the financial perspectives, these apps are beneficial in tracking the budgets of a company. Also, online payment can be made on a click. All these handy features help businesses to run smoothly.

Video conferencing is one of the most prominent apps in the mobile domain. It allows online meeting which helps in saving time and travel expenses.

An iPhone, having a simple user interface is always preferred for easy accessibility. Having a wide range of business applications, iPhone can add a plus point in boosting the management of different business prospects. Thus, an iPhone App helps in analyzing the data from different business perspectives which in turn helps in business intelligence for better business management.


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