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iPhone Applications Development

iPhone Applications Development

Posted by: MetaOption on April 15, 2014

Getting on the Bandwagon!

iOS was previously known as iPhone OS. This mobile operating system from Apple Inc. aligns with ONLY Apple hardware and is not compatible with say, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows Phone. Today, there are many iOS apps pertaining to games, business, utilities segment etc.

Developing iOS Applications

It is the dream of developers to develop an iOS application and see it deployed on the Apple marketplace --- yes, the Appstore! Why? Well, it comes as a highly advanced mobile operating system. Also, with so many tools available such as iOS SDK, XCode IDE, iOS Simulator etc., the entire process of developing an app has been rendered really simple.

There are many more reasons:

  • iOS gives extended variety of graphic capabilities (e.g. 2D drawing, 3D rendering, direct video playback and capture).
  • Great user experience combined with total exploitation of iPhone, iPad and iPod hardware features.
  • Attractive animations can be created.
  • iPhone tops as the most popular and desirable Smartphone. 

Developing iOS Applications requires knowledge, experience and skill together with thorough understanding of the iPhone development place.

MetaOption, LLC

MetaOption, LLC is a premier IT company specializing in iOS Applications development services. We have a decade of experience in developing diverse solutions for iOS devices which include games apps, business apps, lifestyle development apps, News and Sports apps, apps for web service integration and myriad utility apps --- all innovative and functional apps developed as per client requirements. Does it then come as a surprise that most of our apps have been on the top of the charts!

What makes us a leader in iPhone Application Development Services? Let us enumerate the reasons in brief:

  • Our team of developers take care of technical as well as the business aspect of iPhone apps.
  • Comprehensive perception of Apple platform. Meticulous and thorough grasp about components such as iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch/ Objective C, XCode IDE, Interface Builder, Mac OS X, Cocoa, Location API etc.
  • We build iPhone applications according to needs and requirements of our clients and adhere to iPhone platform standards, keeping user experience as primary goal.
  • Our experience in the field of iPhone Applications development services has given our developers enough grasp about technical challenges that may crop midway and how to overcome them.
  • Clear insight into animation, graphics, WebKit Programming, Accelerometer, GPS and Core Location Framework. 

Tap our enthusiasm and passion for cost-effective and affordable iPhone Applications development services and taste success in terms of benefits in business and your business brand value on the iOS Applications marketplace. If you are contemplating outsourcing your iPhone Applications development services, do not look any further.

Choose the best, choose MetaOption, LLC. Call us now!


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