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Interpreting the Reasons why Apple may reject your app straightaway

Interpreting the Reasons why Apple may reject your app straightaway

Posted by: MetaOption on August 25, 2014

There is no guarantee that Apple will accept your app in its iOS app store. Several reasons to act behind the rejection of the apps, and you need to avoid the follies. A close examination of the case studies on previous rejections reveals certain vital facts. The Cupertino Company maintains a rich reputation of providing a superb professional experience to users. Developers need to keep up with the standards to ensure acceptance. Check out the following general parameter for rejection. 

· Submitting a mobile website:

It is a common misconception to identify a mobile website as an app. Indeed, it is not. A mobile site is a website, modified to appear as an icon on a mobile phone. That does not make it an app! Developers need to guarantee the application has native iPhone features. An app should have a direct functionality, instead of just providing information and resources like a website.

· Do not submit beta apps: If you are testing your app in the beta stage, Apple app store is not a place for it. It should be able to deliver a complete experience to the user. Many developers even make the mistake of including terms such as ‘beta’ or ‘demo’ in their app nomenclature. Anything like that can automatically result in the rejection of your application. 

· Nothing original about it: Your app may be in the same niche as many other applications are. Nevertheless, ensuring originality is a must. Even when you are competing, you cannot just put in the same features of a competitor and expect Apple to accept your digital product. Programming creativity is extremely vital, and you need to find a good iPhone application development service that can guarantee an entirely new experience. 

Rake your ideas to find something extremely useful and attractive to niche users. Sometimes, even after you apply an original idea, you find another competitor app offering the same experience. Developers must maintain a close eye on the relevant segment in the competing niche to set up a unique experience.

· A frustrating app: Apple makes no compromise with the user experience. If the application is taking more than the usual time just to load, be sure that it is not going to be accepted. If your app crashes on usage, Apple sees no point in including it on their platform. Before proceeding with the submission, the developer service needs to undertake repeated testing to check whether everything is running fluently.  

The above four reasons are main aspects on App rejection. Make sure the iPhone mobile app development company is aware of the latest standards of iOS 8. The app should be very interesting on user experience quotient and it must have all essential features vital to keep up with the standards of Apple. Make sure the developer service reads the SDK agreement before proceeding with the app development. Finally, confirm whether the company guarantees repeated testing in iOS simulation to ensure smooth functions from the app.   


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