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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Posted by: MetaOption on June 10, 2014

A Demand of the New World 

Fingers let loose on mobile phone put before us an array of various functions. These functions are located on apps. Functions differ from each other in the way they got programmed by the developer. Programming is an area that can inculcate any character to the mobile app. It remains the reason that some apps become a rage while some not. Rage of the app gets confirmed by the number of its downloads.   

One can gauge this rage by the researched inputs shared by giants like Gartner. An image by Gartner downwards too serves in the same direction. It simply gives the projection for 2011-2017 of the worldwide Mobile App Store & that too in Millions of Dollars.

Technicalities in Mobile Application Development

  • Nothing is without reasoning or intrigue whether it is a human act or technical one. Such development may recourse to making choices out of varied platform options.
  • Open Source Platform is one such platform that may invite the developers to make the most of on what it is based i.e. Linux Kernel.
  • Linux Kernel because it promises stable performance & a distinct security environment, which may lend leeway to developers to think in other areas. 
  • It hardly crashes down.

Specialties that Lie with Android in Relation to Mobile App Development

  • It lets us choose the hardware of our own choice.
  • Use of Android SDK may take on programming language i.e. Java. It further leads to the development of applications.
  • Such programming language in Mobile Application Development helps in creating re-usability feature that rest to be calendar, SMS, Email.
  • Distinct libraries, navigation of user-friendly Apps with inbuilt varied functionalities are the areas where today’s app developer is liable to work.
  • Game communication, WI-Fi, business & apps enabled by GPS can be built upon on the Android platform. But this is all choice of the developer to choose the platform.
  • If Linux based then Android may offer the accessibility that may remain smooth. It will help in reaching out many other important components that may lie in mobile devices.
  • The developer may find system for information gathering working fast & quickly. 

Various such technicalities finding a place in mobile app development have brought changes in the chart, i.e. average session length for new mobile app users.

Such craving for the mobile apps has changed the whole app scene. This one can acknowledge by keeping the web application in comparison to mobile apps. Image here will best reflect the same.

Coming times will see the craze for more advanced mobile app development going high. We will be in the need of the developers who can think & develop incessantly. And that day is not too far away. 



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