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Few App Analytics Tools Every App Developer Should Try

Few App Analytics Tools Every App Developer Should Try

Posted by: Susheel Bansilal on July 15, 2015

Suppose you have developed an amazing mobile app! How will you measure the popularity of this app?

By tracking the number of downloads it has.

Great! But, though the number of downloads is a critical aspect for any app, it is not the only metric determining the success of an app. This is because downloads reflect a superficial quantity that tell you nothing about the quality of your apps. Also, downloads tell you nothing about how often your app is being used,  the buzz your app is creating in the market, whether or not are the downloaders referring it to their friends, and so on. Moreover, you cannot analyze the response your app is receiving from the users. Of course, users post their feedback and reviews for the apps, but not every user posts an app review, and one cannot be very sure about the authenticity of such reviews.

Now, you must be wondering how can you measure the success of your apps. Don't worry! There are many app analytics tools available on the World Wide Web, and what's better is that most of such analytics tools are free. In this post, we have carefully shortlisted the top 3 analytics tools for mobile apps. Take a look!

1.       Flurry Analytics: It is a comprehensive analytics tool for mobile apps that offers an extensive list of metrics to the app developers for measuring the success of their apps. It is free and available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and mobile web. Getting started with Flurry is also very easy; you just need to use a simple 3-line code to start receiving lots of valuable data from the users of your apps. Moreover, Flurry is customizable, i.e. you can easily customize the tool to display only those metrics that concern you.

2.       Appsee: It is a unique app analytics tool that not only performs most of the typical mobile app analytics functions, but also records the details about the app usage by a user. This helps the developers know how frequently the people are interacting with their apps. The app does so by recording the samples of user interactions, providing you with real, first-hand information about the reception of your app. Appsee can help you discover the most popular feature of your apps, the point where the users stop using them, and the cause which forces some people to abandon them at the registration screen.

3.       Mixpanel: It is a paid app analytics tool, which offers in-depth information about how users arrived at the download page of your app, how often they use your app, where they live. The data amassed from Mixpanel gives you an idea about the user engagement and retention of your app. Moreover, you can even drill down into specific details like whether or not your advertising money is driving the sales or not, how the customers are sharing your apps, whether or not the users are sharing your apps, and much more.




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Susheel Bansilal

MetaOption, LLC

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