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Developing B2B apps for iOS

Developing B2B apps for iOS

Posted by: MetaOption on September 20, 2013

iOS is the second highest selling platform globally as well as the USA with its hugely popular iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet. These iOS device are largely preferred for their sound architecture, secure environment and vast range of business productivity applications. iPhone and iPad app development is challenging in the sense, that the developer must adhere to all the specific requirements of the iOS environment and the interface of the two devices. However, iOS offers scope for numerous customizations that will help businesses extend capabilities.

Need for B2B Apps
B2B or Business to Business apps are majorly required by the sales and marketing teams who are constantly collaborating with clients, partners and vendors. In fact, any domain that require a lot of collaboration and constant inputs from various sources deserve and independent application. Some of the avenues that have scope for B2B app development are:

  • Supply Chain: Supply chain is a complex operation and involves inventory management, which further involves tracking the inventory movement, availability in the various warehouses, availability in store, need for placing orders and much more.
  • Sales and Marketing: The operations of sales and marketing are inter-linked since one identifies and creates a market and thereafter prospects, while the other converts the prospects into customers. So application to track sales and marketing campaign efficacy will be apt in this domain
  • Swiss Army Knife App: A Swiss army knife app is a broad term for a multi-utility app and can comprise of all the features that are essentials that any business person must be armed with such as calculator, notebook, currency converter, events calendar etc.

Benefits of B2B Apps of iOS
iOS is close behind Android in the market share it occupies and iPad is the leading tablet, and both iPhone and iPad are preferred by the business community for the quality of business applications available in the Apple App Store. In fact, though Android has more number of apps than iOS, the App Store applications have generated much higher profits for their developers and better user satisfaction too. Most businesses are digressing towards mobile applications and a lucrative option for engaging customers and partners for its easy availability and reach.
Business utility applications on iOS is a very feasible avenue for developers as well as businesses because the market for these extends beyond the business communities to the general public that uses the applications for their personal use as well.


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