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Considerations in Enterprise App Development

Considerations in Enterprise App Development

Posted by: MetaOption on September 20, 2013

The mobile revolution is changing the way we communicate, and businesses are witnessing a paradigm shift in business communication, collaboration and operations. Computers replaced papers and files, while servers replaced filing cabinets, however, mobile devices are an extension of computers and it is essential to be equipped with capabilities that will cater to desktop as well as mobile devices.

Considerations in Enterprise App Development
There are many special criterions that need to be considered when developing apps for an enterprise since data will be of sensitive nature and security is of the greatest importance.  Further, the application will be deployed to multiple users on multiple devices, so compatibility will be an issue that needs to be addressed. Based on these factors, there are three considerations that must be kept in mind when developing apps for enterprises:

  • Stakeholders and their needs
  • Their work domain and location
  • The enterprise workflow, which extends beyond the geo-location to considering specific requirements of the job role

Mobile Services to Accelerate App Development
Mobile application development industry is still witnessing new innovations in development process and technology which have greatly eased the app development process. New features can be created to suit the individual needs of the business much more easily cutting down development time and meeting requirements for handling enterprise data. Mobile applications can be developed to connect the front-end software with enterprise data and matching the user requirement.

Accelerators for the App Development Process
There are numerous generic app development tools, templates and components such as lightweight JavaScript frameworks, JQuery Mobile, Mobile SDKs and HTML 5 that are used for building apps. Further, apps can be built for specific mobile platforms such as Android, iOS or Windows Phone or for QT technology can be used for creating cross-platform apps. QT app development will be suitable for enterprises moving towards bring your own device (BYOD) framework.
Enterprises may need applications for their internal use or to collaborate with clients and partners, the multiple needs can be integrated accordingly.


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