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The Importance of Developing Apps Faster in Today's Mobile App Development Market

The Importance of Developing Apps Faster in Today's Mobile App Development Market

Posted by: MetaOption on May 15, 2015

Traditional mobile app development is now a thing of past. People, both clients, and users expect apps to be made available to them immediately. So, while a usual 18-month development period was considered good for a quality mobile app a few years earlier, even a 6-month development period might not be quick enough today. This is because the mobile technology is changing so fast that if you don't speed up the app development process, chances are that the developed app is unable to run on the new mobile technology by the time it is released and is rendered obsolete.

Warning Flag: The Wrong Road

Most mobile app development companies realize the importance of speeding up the app development process and delivering the finished app to the clients in the quickest possible time. However, in the jiffy of shortening the app development time, many mobile app development companies often tend to compromise on the quality. This is the 'Wrong Road' to speeding up the app development process. No client wants the app development process to be delayed, but no client wants a quick app at the cost of quality. Thus, developing templates for creating apps quickly is not the right way of speeding up the process because it results in poor quality, lack of customization, and unsatisfactory results.

Using Agile Platforms: The Right Road

Technology is changing fast, and it is not just the case for the users using the apps, but also for the mobile app developers developing them. Hence, 'The Right Road' for speeding up the app development process will be to use agile app development platforms that would allow the developers to develop apps quickly, without compromising on their quality. Using advanced development tools and frameworks will quicken and ease the app development work for the developers, enabling them to develop impressive apps easily and quickly.

Also, developers can try looking out for new, flexible app development cycles. Gone are the days when linear processes were used for mobile app development, and the development cycle used to have a definite start, steps, milestones and finish. Today developers have to discard the linear app development processes and come up with a more flexible, circular development process that does not have definite start & finish lines, but is continuous and includes all the stakeholders at tandem so that any changes or feedback can be incorporated in the app accordingly. The circular app development process is not only more agile, but also allows the developers to bring refinements in the apps to match them with the changes in the technology during the development phase.


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