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Why Android App Market Is Growing At a Faster Rate?

Why Android App Market Is Growing At a Faster Rate?

Posted by: MetaOption on September 25, 2014

Here, you will analyze the various reasons behind why the Android app market is growing at a faster rate. So, let’s have a look at them.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing apps, but without any doubt Android apps are the most sought after applications. Since the launch of the Android platform it has grown at an unbelievable faster rate. Today, most of the smartphone users as well as mobile application developers love using this incredible mobile operating system. What are the reasons behind the growing market of Android apps? Let’s try to unlock some of the most important facts behind the enormous success of Google’s Android OS.

It is An Open-Source Platform

Since Android is a well-known open source platform, mobile app developers can easily design and create exclusive Android applications. Moreover, this open-source platform is considered more affordable than other ordinary platforms, especially for app developers who want to build and design applications.

First Love of All Developers

Android offers an SDK (Software development kit), which contains easy to use tools for app developers to design and develop various projects. The software development kit provides an ease of designing Android apps and thus assists developers to turn their vague ideas into mesmerizing Android apps. This way, it offers an exclusive experience for app developers, especially when they design Android applications.

Endless Opportunities

Android with its massive popularity and growth has created endless opportunities for the developers. Now, Android app developers are free to use this platform to transform their lives.

Plenty of Tools to Use

Unlike all other platforms, Android offers an array of options for app developers to enjoy several tools for Android app development procedure. Moreover, if a developer requires some additional tools for his or her development procedure, Android enables them to explore the third-party useful tools.

Incredible Popularity

Presently, individuals are switching from their ordinary platforms to Android, just because of the enormous demand of smartphones. This is the main reason why every developer wants to develop Android apps. Needless to say, Android based smartphones are more user-friendly than the traditional operating systems available in the global market to go with.

Plenty of Security Features

Security options are certainly the key reasons behind the rapid growth of the Android application market. Having provided essential security options to smartphones, Android enables users to access the internet, do instant messaging and send emails even without being blocked and scrutinized by the internet service providers.

Immeasurable Availability

Unlike the Blackberry and iPhone, Android-based handsets come with diverse availability options for companies that develop mobile apps. Certainly, this is that main reason why different varieties of Android smartphones have drastically increased recently.

Excellent Performance

Being a Linux-based OS, Android offers hurdle-free operation and great performance, stability even without having the fright of usual crashes. Hence, having offered a solid and smooth performance, Android has gained the trust of millions of smartphone users globally.

It Saves Huge Money

Being an open source platform, Android enables app developers to design and develop cost effective applications. Moreover, the time that is used during the app development procedure is relatively reduced on the Android platform. This way, Android not only helps developers saving time but also a good amount of money.



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