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Responsive Web Development Vs Native App: What Should You Choose?

Responsive Web Development Vs Native App: What Should You Choose?

Posted by: MetaOption on May 28, 2015

A responsive web design is the latest trend, where the developers program a website to be used across the devices, including PC, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The latest mobile trend has created a delusion that only apps can compete in the mobile environment and attract millions of visitors and customers, because the online realm is crammed with plenty of headlines, blogs, reviews, and posts, speaking importance of apps. But the fact is different. Read this post to understand the truth.

In reality, mobile apps development may cost your arm and leg. It also takes substantial time to create an app. To make your business to be present on a mobile you should decide, whether you want a responsive website or a mobile app because both of them can stay on a smartphone and facilitate your customers to use your service, as often as possible.

•    Find your customers: If you know the nature of your customers and their online activities, especially how they purchase in your industry, it is easier to decide. Generally, the iPhone users have different habits than Android, Blackberry and Window’s customers. Check the majority brand of smartphone, used by your prospective customers and go with the trend.

•    Know your product/service: Generally, the service-oriented businesses involve in one-to-one meetings. For example if you are involved in the restaurant business, you need to engage your customers at the physical restaurant or deliver them at home. In this case, you may have to go for responsive SEO site, which can fetch you strong business through the internet.

•    Do not jump into the bandwagon: Although responsive sites are cheaper than mobile apps, you need to pay the extra charges. Developing responsive design is not just resizing to comply with the devices rather the site pattern should be compatible with touch-screen technology, where people touch, tap, pinch and swipe to make it visible. Further, the phone number must be robotically dial-able while the text fields should have touch intuitive features. However, investing on a responsive design does not go in vain, as you are sure to get the returns from it.


In a nutshell, start working with your business team and mobile developers to locate your target audience online habits. Use client surveys, brainstorm sessions, rating, voting and other tools to locate the customer trends, which will definitely perk up the mobile presence of your business.


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