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Why People Prefer Android Technology

Why People Prefer Android Technology

Posted by: MetaOption on October 19, 2014

The Android Platform: Right to Equality for Apps!

Today, Android apps are being developed by business houses for more reasons than one. Even developers are now chasing the Android platform first for uploading their applications. The reason for Android leading the mobile market is that it is a platform comprising of powerful APIs, superior documentation, no licensing and royalty charges and yes! A flourishing developer community. 

 With GPS, accelerometers and touch screens, hardware advancements and use of mobile and smart phones in business and office work, it serves as just the right platform for development of software. Android offers an open development environment with hardware access available to all apps and be its third-party apps or native apps, all stand tall and equal too!

Improving even Native Applications

You get the freedom to replace paucity in any native app design or even user interface, by replacing it or by writing an extension. If you can imagine, you can develop such an app on the Android! The Android platform bestows you with the opportunity to build mobile apps and interfaces with just the look and feel as you have imagined.

Android apps are basically written in the Java programming language. Since this is a simple language, there are many developers who can help update or customize the apps in a cost-effective manner.

Today Game Development Companies Prefer Android Platform

Android even aids apps and other services which are designed for running invisibly in the background, without the need of direct user action. So, the apps are event-driven for supporting regular updates --- just right to monitor game scores and market prices, generating location-based alerts, and prioritizing SMS messages etc. The Android game development companies know this already!

Other useful Attributes of the Android Platform

  • Fast and efficient data storage.
  • Platform for innovative app development without licensing fees for mobile manufacturers or developers.
  • Designed to support diverse hardware platforms.
  • Cost of customizing Android apps is comparatively cheap.
  • Simple and powerful SDK (Software Development Kit).
  • Popular language Java used for developing Android apps.
  • Excellent enterprise platform with superior level of access and control.
  • Your apps can share messages or exchange data --- all in a secure environment.
  • No differentiation between native apps and third party apps.

Why Developers Love the Android Platform

Android is comprised of various core libraries such as media library for playback of audio/video, Graphics libraries, SQLite for native database support etc. The Dalvik Virtual Machine enables multiple instances to run on the Android mobile device. It is time for developers to build innovative  apps for the Android --- be creative without any restrictions!

                                     Features Offered by the Android Platform



Features of the Android Platform

Imagine the expense of features it offers from hardware access, peer-to-peer messaging, background services, native map support, shared databases, 2D and 3D Graphics. All Android apps are built equal and users can replace one app with another including core native app! Android SDK includes APIs, developer tools and thorough documentation.

What Type of Android Apps need to be Developed

However, before commencing to build apps, one must be clear as to how it will be used and then design the app accordingly. The code must be optimized in such a manner that it runs quickly and responsively wit superior user-experience. Also, costs associated with any functionality must be minimized so that users do not have to bear additional charges. Where this is not possible supplement with enhanced accuracy. Seize the opportunity and build the finest and most unique mobile apps you can conceive. Developers, business enterprises and Android game development companies, are you listening?



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