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Mobile Game Development: Android OS Rules the Roost!

Mobile Game Development: Android OS Rules the Roost!

Posted by: MetaOption on October 13, 2014

Today, mobile game development has become roaring business with companies realizing the extent of its reach. Organizations woo customers and cajole them to revisit their stores and apps leading to customer loyalty, better the business and jingling profits!

Mobile game Development Companies

Mobile Game Development companies are churning out 2D and 3D games using the latest and advanced tools and technologies. They are equipped with  their own in-house studios and recording centers for incorporating dynamic sound without having to depend on ready-made sound files. The game developers conceptualize and develop games and these are then released on the Android OS marketplace.

                  Advantages of Android OS for Mobile Games Development


Mobile Game development services are also being offered by offshore software development firms. Some of these mobile game development Companies are specifically related to the Android platform and utilize the myriad attributes of this platform for making a range of innovative apps at cost-effective prices.

Once the game has been developed, it is time to release it to gaming enthusiasts and customers. However, the developer faces one significant choice as to whether to choose Android or the iOS devices to make the game noticeable and evident. 

Why is Android OS the Best for Games

The Android OS is beaming with puzzle games, sports games, actions games and strategy games, thus catering to diverse tastes. Some come free while others have to be paid for. They enable enough monetization by means of in-app purchases and advertisements. Makes business sense!

Android game developers have to consider various devices and myriad versions of the operating system. The Android OS is not licensed to any specific mobile phone making company. So, phones differ in features and hardware specifications. Innovation, effective marketing, updated design and development and know-how of user interests as well as popular platforms is necessary for Android OS mobile game developers.

Android  --- A Hit with Mobile Game Development Companies

Features which make Android OS a preferred platform for mobile Games --- 

  • Enables in proper marketing of the game by allowing monitoring game downloads and answering to review on the apps.
  • Easy submission and approval on Google Play as compared to any other mobile OS. Allows more scope for experiment too.
  • Robust features with media and hardware support for a really thrilling gaming experience!
  • More cost-effective as Android app marketplace requires one-time fee for submission of an application. App regulation is a lenient and submission process comparatively shorter than most smart phones.  
  • On the Android OS, Java has been a popular programming language for game developers. This makes it accessible for first time game programmers too.  Other platforms support modified/ newly invented languages.
  • Time required for developing game for Android OS is less.
  • Android offers greater freedom for developers to easily adapt and edit the programming codes. The platform reaps huge advantages for developers, users and clients.
  • With a variety of smart phones in the market today, the opportunities for game development are infinite. 


You already know about 'game gifts' which you can give to your friends from player search or Google+ circles. Multiplayer invites too! You even receive SMSs with ready to download links for free games. Android ecosystem shares the zing with the most enthusiastic gaming enthusiasts. Isn't it? There are many innovative and unbelievably addictive 2D and 3D games on Android devices!

So, let your fingers dance to the tune of Solitaire, Temple run,Angry Birds,Talking Friends Series --- Talking Tom and Talking Angela, Final Fantasy VI, Endless Boss Fight, Shadow Blade, Dandelions Chain of Seeds, Card City Nights... the list is endless on the Android OS. We all love that!



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