Intrigen C&W Call

The C&W Call Application is specially designed for mobile service providers who offer Call facility to the customer at a cheaper rate as compared to conventional mobile operators. Calls routed through the Worldwide Assistant by-pass your regular mobile network, and are transmitted via Cable&Wireless Worldwide’s secure and resilient MPLS network, thereby making optimum use of an IP network that functions at a fixed price. Once the call is made, data is transferred to the MPLS network, which in turn calls both the parties via the PSTN. When you answer the callback, the application will initiate a call to the recipient and then connect both the calls. The same process is used to initiate conference calls. Please note that you will need a Worldwide Assistant account with Cable&Wirless Worldwide and an authorization to use the service. When you launch the application for the first time, a registration process will be triggered to verify your account. In addition to personal calls, the application also supports conference calls with capability of connecting more than 20 people across different geographical locations at a given point of time. You will also be able to save this group as a template that can be used for subsequent discussions/conferences. In future, you will just need to select the required template and initiate a call. You will also be able to provide alternate local numbers to receive a call back, thereby cutting down on unnecessary inbound international roaming charges.