Android Tablet Utility Application Development

Utility stands for day to day activities that are mandatory for the maintenance of a tablet and thus comprises disk cleaners & defragmenters, disk checker, data compressor, disk storage, screen saver, file manager and other back up application development.

Apart from these utility applications, My Mobile Innovations develops several other utility apps like calendar, watch, reminders, etc. All these are highly compatible with Android Tablet as well. The Android Tablet Utility Applications developed by My Mobile Innovations have support like 3G Support, Advance web browser, Android Market support, Built-in USB port, Dynamic Bluetooth 3.0, GPS navigation, HD video encoding, Multimedia, SQLite for data storage, Support Flash, WiFi connection, and what not!

Android Tablet Utility Application Development Technology

We believe in value for money and deliver our clients the best we could. Our teams are thorough professional and highly experienced in Android OS. They use the following technologies for developing android based Tablet Applications:

  • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • OpenGL API
  • Location API
  • Multimedia API
  • Java / J2ME
  • C++
  • Android NDK
  • SQL Lite Database