Xmas Gift Collector

The Xmas Gift Collector is an addictive and entertaining action game, which can entertain you for long hours on-the-go. Based upon the Christmas theme, the Xmas Gift collector features vibrant and enthusiastic gaming interface, which would attract gamers of all ages. This game would redefine your gaming experience on a handheld device. During the game play, Santa would be dropping attractive gifts from the top of the play screen, and the player needs to collect them all. The more gifts you collect, the more points you earn. However, the player needs to protect the playing character from the falling bombs, dropped by a witch. The player has to collect gifts only. A bomb dropped on the character will cost one life. For your support, Santa would be dropping lives as well in the shape of heart. The player can either select touch or tilt option for controlling the character and collecting the gifts with avoiding the bombs to fall on the character. The game becomes tough yet interesting with each and every new level. Every new level brings surprising gifts and more dangerous hurdles with it. Go ahead, Santa is dropping gifts. So collect as many as you can..!!