Window Phone Utility Application Development

Smartphones have become an inevitable part of our lives. We want to use it for our day-to-day tasks and for personal and professional dealings over phone as well like, mobile banking, checking mails, exchanging files, storing important details, etc. For that we need good and reliable utility apps.

We, at My Mobile Innovations, have expertise in developing Window Phone utility apps for our clients. From conceptualizing the idea to delivery of the product,

Window Phone Utility Application Development Technology

Window Phone has been developed by Microsoft using software codes including Visual C++, Microsoft Mobile CE, Visual C# and .NET. The software runs various phones and PDAs compatible with the Window Phone platform. As most users are familiar with Windows, they find it a bit easier to adjust to Window Phone on their phones. Several major brands of mobile phone manufacturers have many medium to high-end handset models that run on the Window Phone platform. Windows offers Window Phone Software Development Kits or SDK's to development companies and individuals that want to create customized software for their clients.
Technologies that are used for development include:

  • Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, EVC++4
  • Window Phone 5.0/6.0 SDK, Pocket PC 2000 , Window Phone 2003 for Pocket PC SDK
  • IMAPI (Emails and SMS)
  • Web services/SOAP/XML
  • SQLLite, Core Animation, XML/HTTP
  • Windows Media Player for Audio and Video
  • .Net based platform