Symbian Utility Application Development

Utility Apps are those which are required by every Smartphone users irrespective of platforms or operating systems. To help satisfy the needs of Symbian Users, Symbian OS supports the Symbian Developers with its flexible design and technology that runs on various user interfaces, communication devices, and mobile hardware and on different networks like GSM, 3G, EDGE and many others.

Symbian Users want utility app for date and time setting, reminder notes and tasks, mobile banking, checking mails, exchanging files, storing important details, etc. For that we need good and reliable utility apps. We, at My Mobile Innovations, have expertise in developing such utility apps for our clients. From conceptualizing the idea to delivery of the product, we offer cost-effective service together with peace of mind to our client.

Symbian Mobile Application Development Technology

The structure contained in Symbian OS provides protection of memory and pre-emptive multitasking. That is why, Symbian mobile applications has an edge over other OS as it can be used effectively on the hand held devices e.g. PDA, mobile phones, etc. Moreover, with Symbian Mobile Applications users can access internet and send or receive doc files as it often uses Symbian operating system which is designed or customized only for mobile.

Therefore, apps on Symbian platform are high in demand and opportunities are lying ahead in the path for Symbian Apps Development Companies. Our company, My Mobile Innovations has also hired the experts of this platform to assist and support our clients who want us to develop user-friendly and cost-effective Symbian mobile apps for them.

Many other useful apps are also created by our professional Symbian experts. The technologies that they use are:

  • Symbian C++ (using native Symbian OS and S60 platform APIs)
  • Set of open C and C++ APIs
  • The Java™ language (using MIDP 2.1 with an extensive range of additional JSRs)
  • Web Runtime (WRT) (using standard Web technologies)
  • Flash Lite from Adobe, and Python.
  • Flash Lite from Adobe and
  • SVGT

My Mobile Innovations offers comprehensive Symbian application development services, which encompass the following areas of Symbian development: