Porting Solution

One of the challenges today's mobile developers face is the need to develop cost-effective software which would be compatible for a large number of devices and platforms as the dynamic nature of mobile markets always throws up the issue of new platforms and formats being deployed.
Porting application is the answer to this problem. Mobile Application Porting Solution is making changes to software to make it run on different environment. In mobile app development, porting is the most important phase where the application has to run on a large number of cell phone models and has to cover most new models to get through the market.

The mobile usage pattern is evolving day by day. And therefore the need to deploy an existing application on additional platform is essential to enhance the lifecycle of the application. Being a thorough professional company, My Mobile Innovations has already developed advance processes to port applications across platforms efficiently, thereby eliminating the problem of limited compatibility for your applications. We offer a well defined and well laid out porting process for enterprise applications from one platform to the other.

We port applications from:

  • iPhone/ iPad to Android
  • Android to iPhone/ iPad
  • And others like J2ME, Blackberry, Symbian, Brew, and Windows
  • Blackberry to Symbian
  • Android to Blackberry
  • Symbian to Android

We have unrivalled expertise in porting across the platforms like Android, Brew, Linux platforms, Symbian Foundation and Windows Mobile. Our expert team will provide you a complete porting solution for your mobile device. Our solutions include porting legacy applications to new UI Frameworks and porting third party UI Framework on the mobile platforms.