Migrate Windows Apps

At My Mobile Innovations we try to extend every possible support to our clients. We not only develop innovative applications for them but also help them in migrating that app from one platform to another. For instance, a client wants us to develop for him a window phone OS Smartphone App. After the successful development of the app, on the request of the clients we could also alter certain specifications of the app to make it compatible to other handheld devices like tablets or laptops as well. Thus, one app could be used on Smartphone as well as on other devices.

Similarly, if the client already has an app on other platform, may or may not be developed by us, we still can provide our assistance in developing or migrating the app as per the required specifications to make it compatible for window phone.

Window Phone Application Development Technology

Window Phone has been developed by Microsoft using software codes including Visual C++, Microsoft Mobile CE, Visual C# and .NET. The software runs various phones and PDAs compatible with the Window Phone platform. As most users are familiar with Windows, they find it a bit easier to adjust to Window Phone on their phones. Several major brands of mobile phone manufacturers have many medium to high-end handset models that run on the Window Phone platform. Windows offers Window Phone Software Development Kits or SDK's to development companies and individuals that want to create customized software for their clients.

Technologies that are used for development include:

  • Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, EVC++4
  • Window Phone 5.0/6.0 SDK, Pocket PC 2000 , Window Phone 2003 for Pocket PC SDK
  • IMAPI (Emails and SMS)
  • Web services/SOAP/XML
  • SQLLite, Core Animation, XML/HTTP
  • Windows Media Player for Audio and Video
  • .Net based platform