M-Commerce Solution Development

As we must have noticed that nowadays the mobile phones are used for much more than simply making and receiving phone calls. It has started acting as a flexible terminal for a huge range of applications. It is being predicted that in few years, Smartphones could replace laptops completely as far as internet surfing and online shopping is concerned. That is why, it won’t be completely wrong to say that e-Commerce could turn into m-Commerce.


Today, mobile phone users search for products online, make payments, read books, transfer funds, reserve tickets, and do much more. Hence, the term m-Commerce has evolved to define the economic activities on the move. For businesses, mobile commerce has created a powerful retail channel to showcase and sell their products, monitor online user behavior, enable digital touch points that are available for consumers anywhere and anytime.

Mobile commerce or m-Commerce includes the mobile solutions like m-Banking, m-Payments, m-Remittance, etc. The highly adaptable mobile commerce solutions could enables a complete mobile economy by allowing anyone with a mobile phone to pay, buy, bank, remit money and much more. With the m-Commerce product, we can introduce a standard, convenient communication and transaction channel that supports anywhere, anytime mobile commerce services.

Why do you need to have m-Commerce Solution?

  1. It helps you access your own brand and store 24/7, 365 days of the year
  2. It allows customers to browse through, research and purchase your product range at their own convenience.
  3. It builds an awareness for your brand and promotes your store and products
  4. It Utilizes the mobile phone’s ’smart’ capability to sell and market in a unique, fun and interactive way
  5. You can use the m-Commerce solution to join up your marketing and sales communication, cross the globe
  6. It will drive incremental revenue as well
  7. You could reach new customers & collect customer data due to tremendous reach of mobile net.

m-Commerce Solution Development at My Mobile Innovations:

  • We offer solutions that are cost-effective and that fits in your budget completely
  • These are the solutions that are tailored to your immediate needs
  • They are fully upgradeable to meet your future needs as well
  • These solutions give you power of flexibility
  • Our highly qualified team of developers and project managers will provide you with easy-to-use custom solutions that fits your business best
  • Flexibility, Scalability and Security are key features of our m-Commerce solutions
  • We enable your company to quickly and effectively react to new opportunities
  • We reduce time-to-market and operational costs
  • We also improve your overall productivity.

Few m-Commerce services developed by My Mobile Innovations are:

  • Mobile shopping:

    Ordering, checking availability and prices, delivery information with acknowledgment and confirmation

  • Mobile Banking:

    Statements of account, sales and payment instructions premises

  • Mobile brokerage:

    Checking and monitoring prices using watch lists, securities inquiries and orders

  • Mobile access to corporate intranets:

    Use of intranet applications such as telephone directories and news boards for mobile access

  • Mobile travel information and booking:

    Total Internet solution with WAP enhancement

  • And much more