iPhone Application Development

iPhone is a smart multimedia phone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It has been a hugely successful product of the company and its success has directly attributed in the increased demand for tech

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Android Application Development

Smartphones are no longer out of reach of common people as well. The utility and performance that are offered by expensive and posh phones are now available in very low prices in market and now everyone

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Windows Application Development

Window Mobile, developed by Microsoft, is based
on the Windows CE kernel. It has been a success
since its inception. Its popularity and demand
motivates many mobile application developers to take the

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BlackBerry Application Development

Blackberry phones by ‘Research In Motion - (RIM)’ created such a big storm in the corporate world that it has been named as ‘Business Phone’. Although, very reliable and convenient for business personals

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HTML5 Application Development

HTML5, without a doubt, is perfect for cross-platform mobile applications development. But developing apps based on HTML5 is not that easy. It is like making a technology-by-technology evaluation and

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Symbian Application Development

Symbian Operating System provides a lot of opportunities to apps developers and apps developing companies as it has an edge over other OS for it can be used effectively on many hand-held devices like….

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Life is seriously monotonous at times. You feel dejected with the ‘same story every day’ routine. In such a scenario, you need something which is really refreshing and exciting....

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  • Enterprise Business Apps

    Business Apps are not considered as luxury these days. They have become necessity a for today’s business personals. My Mobile Innovations develops these much needed apps for the clients. Many a times, companies get these apps made and distribute them amongst their employees for their convenience and uniform standard of the company and sometimes they get the products made for their own clients or to sell them in the market.

  • Utility Apps

    Smartphones have become an inevitable part of our lives. We want to use it for our day-to-day tasks and for personal and professional dealings over phone as well like, mobile banking, checking mails, exchanging files, storing important details, etc. For that we need good and reliable utility apps.
    We, at My Mobile Innovations, have expertise in developing such utility apps for our clients. From conceptualizing

  • Game Apps

    Life is seriously monotonous at times. You feel dejected with the ‘same story every day’ routine. In such a scenario, you need something which is really refreshing and exciting – and here comes our gaming apps for your Smartphones. Game Apps have a huge open market and you need to cash this opportunity before anyone else does.
    My Mobile Innovations creates fascinating and energizing mobile game apps for clients. We discuss with our clients about their target ...


About My Mobile Innovations

My Mobile Innovations is a USA based Mobile Application Development Company. We are located in Greater New York City area providing services to customers all across the United States and Canada. We have a remarkably successful track record of delivering over 70+ projects with utmost client satisfaction. We have created a niche market by offering our service as a cost-effective mobile application developer.
My Mobile Innovations, undoubtedly, is a thorough professional company and that is why we have developed partnership with leading software development companies worldwide. With the cost-effectiveness factor being our forte, we have also earned a reputation of being focused towards customer-orientation, in all these years.


Latest News

26 Jun 201410:10AM

Google I/O 2014 - Google Launches “Android One” for sub $100 Smartphones

The Search Engine giant Google has launched an advanced smartphone platform, “Android One” for sub $100 smartphones, at the ongoin


22 Mar 201312:00AM

Samsung Galaxy S4: The initial review in comparison with S III and iPhone 5

With the release of Samsung Galaxy S4, the Korean conglomerate has posed another threat to the empire of the most luxurious brand


09 Jul 2012 4:00PM

BlackBerry App World passes 3bn downloads

BlackBerry App World, the official app download site for Blackberry is very young at a tender age of three only. Still, passed the


29 Jun 2012 3:19PM

Making calls from mobile phones is almost history as Smartphones are hardly used for making calls

While Smartphones are replacing more of our gadgets, such as alarm clocks and digital cameras, actually using one to make a phone


01 Jun 2012 9:41AM

Google defeated Oracle in the infringement law suit

The much talked about and heard about law suit of Google and Oracle over use of Java Code in Android lastly came to halt with Cali